Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dear 1361,

Operation 'Macrock' is in full effect, 9 Tucker has blindly fallen for it, line and sinker.
May the Boddorff's have mercy on my soul.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guest Blogger: Wiley

Hello world, Wiley here. As you may know, I've been in San Francisco this week for an extended stay with the guys at 1361 Kansas Street. So, we'll start off with a picture of 136-Gay Kansas St. Boringville, CA 42069.

I thought it was going to be a really fun, sexy time here. They promised fun parties and drinking all night. Boy was I wrong!! I've yet to see an ounce of awesome party time. They won't let me drink beers. They don't even have a 30 pack of Budweisers in their fridge. All they have in there fridge are those Synergy drinks, and they won't shut the fuck up about them!

Here's Ben last night: "Owwee, my throat hurts, wah wah wah, blah owww my witttle throat is soreee, I can't smoke cigawettes".

If their not making me watch that stupid show with Doogie Howser, then their making me sit in silence and stare at them. Ben and Matt made me cover my fucking eyes when Keira Knightly got naked in a movie last night! BULL SHIT!

Plus, their world is crumbling, Billy moved out. He must have taken all the fun with him. The instant I visited him at his new house we chugged wine and smoke ciggys on his roof. He's awesome party time.

Ultimately, this is for you Chris. I'm coming home, but I'm nervous, I probably lost my tolerance here. You're going to have to help me train. I knew it would be a mistake to leave the shotgunator at home.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

what the hells!

You can use this agency to book real world cast members to come to your parties!

and they each have page explaining there specific specialties

for example:

real world shauvon

shavaun, from sydney, can be booked to give lectures on body issues and young adult insecurities (she requires an extra airplane ticket for her breasts).

cohutta real worldI swear these are not jokes

It says that Cahutta can "make any party a special event, especially if it involves him, a guitar, and a campfire"

real world wes for 5000 dollars you can get Wes from the real world austin to speak about fraternity life.

Dear 9 Tucker...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tommy Dewar!!

Founder of Dewar's distillery he invented the philosopher of Dewarism, which says that success is met through embracing joy, and not from hard work.

here are some of his quotes:

No. 22 Sometimes doing nothing is doing something.

No. 58 The further you are from a problem, the smaller it gets.

No. 80 A teetotaller is one who suffers from thirst instead of enjoying it.